Dustkill LLC utilizes a specific grade of crude glycerin as a component in some of our dust suppressant formulations. We also package and ship this material direct for use in manufacturing facilities where it can often replace mineral oil.  As a result, we regularly purchase a refined high quality crude glycerin in large bulk quantities.


What exactly is it?

Crude Glycerin is an impure form of Glycerin and is primarily made as a by-product. The reinvention of biodiesel has created much of the crude glycerin as it is primarily a vegetable based by-product from the manufacture of biodiesel. There are also crude glycerin’s deriving from animal and various other waste oils. The crude glycerin that we use has had the typical impurities in it including methanol, water, and salts reduced to an acceptable level.  (Glycerin that has lower levels of glycerin or higher levels of methanol often has little or no value.) 


Quality Guarantee

The Crude Glycerin that we offer is a smooth clean oil; free of debris, contains 80% glycerin (+/- 3%), 10% moisture (+/- 3%), 4% salt, 0.5% fatty acid, and methanol less than 0.5%. The color is typically dark, and odor is little to none. Product weighs approximately 10.5 lbs. per gallon.


Packaging and Pricing

Because we purchase a high quality crude glycerin in bulk volumes, we are able to offer the most competitive price when it comes to bulk and packaged product. Our Crude Glycerin is available in bulk *4500 gallon tankers, 275 gallon poly totes ($900 each), 55 gallon poly drums ($200 each), and 5 gallon containers ($40 each).  Packaged pricing is FOB Columbus, IN.    *Call our office toll free at (317) 446-7672 for bulk volume pricing w/ freight.