Thanks for your recent visit to the Dustkill Inc. web site. We sell and apply the best liquid dust control products available. From military bases, to large companies, to homeowners, we have a product to match most fugitive dust control needs. Our products can be easily applied with a garden hose, pressurized spraying device, or as an additive for large industrial water trucks. Dustkill Inc. is registered with the SBA as an emerging small business, and listed on the Central Contractor Registry (CCR). Please contact a Dustkill representative at (317) 446-7672 to determine which product would be the best value for you.

General Dust Control:

BioRain Dust Suppressant surpasses all USDA requirements for bio based content. It is a 100% agriculturally derived oil. BioRain can mix easily with water, and will not separate once blended. It is a unique oil that remains fluid in freezing weather. BioRain is an excellent cold weather product flexible enough for any surface or project. For larger projects, this product can be shipped in 18,500 gallon railcar or 4600 gallon bulk tankers.

Dust Control Plus Surface Stabilization:

Roadkill Dust Suppressant is applied as a straight oil. When this product is applied over a 50/50 mix of loose stone and dust, it will eliminate your dust and bind your stone forming a hard smooth surface. For most customers, a single application will last over 1 year. Coverage rates can vary with surface characteristics, but average application rate is about 1 gallon per 50 square feet. You can apply it with our pump and garden hose method for smaller applications. For larger jobs, you can use any pressure spraying device you have access to.