Be prepared for Winter by keeping Liquid Calcium Chloride Brine on hand!

Commercial and Residential Uses:

– Save time, money, and promote employee safety by applying Liquid Calcium Chloride Brine to roadways, parking lots, sidewalks, stairs, or any other areas where ice/snow formation presents a hazard.

– Great for use on neighborhood roads, driveways, sport courts and patios.


Liquid Calcium Chloride Brine can be used for anti-icing, deicing, and pre-wetted dry rock salt applications in temperatures as low as -25 degrees F. (Regular road salt products stop working at 15 degrees F.)

– Applied directly to the surface, Liquid Calcium Chloride Brine penetrates the pores, and creates a barrier between the ice/snow. This helps to prevent freezing, which can increase snow removal up to five times faster.

Product Info:

Our Liquid Calcium Chloride Brine comes from a natural mineral well in Michigan and does not need to be reconstituted. It is ready to use the moment it arrives. It is a clear, fluid liquid with virtually no odor and weighs approximately 11 lbs. per gallon.

While exact concentrations will vary slightly, our product contains:

  • 21 to 24% Calcium Chloride
  • 4.11 to 5% Magnesium Chloride
  • 1.68 to 2% Potassium Chloride
  • 3.78 to 4% Sodium Chloride

Our product is tested every 100,000 gallons to ensure values stay within the ranges above.

Packaging / Application /Pricing:

Liquid Calcium Chloride Brine applies easily with virtually any device that will spray water. Coverage rates vary depending on use, but range from 60 – 100 gallons per acre for large areas; while walkways and steps can be treated with a light coating from any type of small spraying apparatus.

Liquid Calcium Chloride Brine is available in bulk *4400 gallon tankers, 275 gallon poly totes ($450 each), 55 gallon poly drums ($100 each), and 5 gallon containers ($20 each).  Packaged pricing is FOB Columbus, IN.    *Call our office toll free at (317) 446-7672 for bulk volume pricing.