Dustkill offers an effective and long lasting solution to the problem of dust in horse arenas. Our dust control product, ArenaPro, powerfully controls dust dispersion due to the constant activity of horses on the arena floor. It also provides a 100% environmentally friendly option that protects the health of horses, riders and spectators.

Health Consequences of Dust in Horse Arenas

Failure to manage the dispersion of dust in horse arenas can results in potentially serious human health risks. Dusty conditions within an arena can contribute to respiratory problems in livestock, horses and people. Some of the more serious conditions that may result include heaves, asthma, chronic bronchitis, pneumonia and a reduced capacity to fight infections. Minor health problems can include the irritation of nasal passages and eyes due to the continual presence of dust in the surrounding environment.

Arena Dust and Horse Performance

Breathable oxygen levels are greatly reduced in a dust-filled environment. Studies have shown that horses require about 30 times as much oxygen while competing or training than during times of rest. Dust abatement can preserve the health of your horses enabling them to train in an environment that supplies proper levels of oxygen.

Risks of Using Chemical Based Treatments

Chemical treatments used for horse arena dust abatement purposes can pose unwanted health and environmental risks. The effects of certain chemicals and synthetic additives in many dust control products have unknown health consequences for both horses and riders and may also negatively affect traction conditions on the arena floor. Why use dust control products containing chemicals when there is a solution that is 100% organic, effective and safe? ArenaPro is the ultimate chemical-free solution for all your horse arena dust control needs.

ArenaPro for Horse Arena Dust Control

ArenaPro can be effectively used in a variety of horse arena venues, including riding arenas, barrel racing arenas, reining arenas, team penning arenas, roping arenas and other types of equine sports arenas. Our dust suppression product can also help your horses achieve the safe footing conditions they need to operate at peak performance.

Additional Benefits of ArenaPro

The benefits of ArenaPro go beyond simply the suppression of airborne dust. Additional benefits result from not having to rely on repeated applications of water to the horse arena surface in order to maintain dust suppression. Labor costs, fuel costs and water usage costs are all reduced greatly due to the long lasting power of ArenaPro.