BioRain is both an economical and effective choice for use on any dust emitting surface. Since it is available in large quantities, it can be applied on large surface areas at the required concentration level. It is 100 % biologically based and chemical free. BioRain is a suitable application for virtually any environment where airborne dust is a problem.

BioRain Applications

As a 100% agriculturally derived oil, BioRain is commonly used on dirt race tracks and sports fields, but it is also effectively used in a variety of other settings. The following is a list of miscellaneous dust prone environments where this economical dust suppressant can be applied with successful results.


A number of manufacturing and industrial environments are well suited for the use of BioRain as a dust control agent. Construction sites are an ideal candidate for BioRain applications, especially in areas where heavy equipment traffic produces dusty conditions on a routine basis. Other specific manufacturing and industrial locations perfect for BioRain include haul roads, landfills, trucking terminals, unpaved roads, shipping and storage yards, mine sites and aggregate piles.

Fertilizer Pellets

BioRain is effective as a bonding agent for fertilizer pellets. The effectiveness of fertilizer pellets depends on the consistency of the pellets so that the fertilizer can diffuse through the pellet’s exterior coating at the appropriate time-released rate. BioRain is a chemical free agent that can help maintain the quality of these pellets and ensure successful results for all your fertilizer applications.

Coal Cars

Coal dust is a common occurrence in industry sectors that utilize coal, including mining operations, railroads, power plants and other utilities. Railroad cars that carry coal across state lines can easily emit coal dust into the atmosphere, resulting in the violation of air quality regulations in many states. Coal dust is also unhealthy for humans and can damage operating equipment and the environment. BioRain applied as a topping to the coal in rail cars effectively suppresses coal dust, preventing it from being captured and carried by the wind.

Tire Weighting

Tire weighting is a common requirement among industries that utilize heavy equipment and other vehicles operating at construction project sites. Adding BioRain as a tire weighting element gives the tires of heavy equipment the added traction required to maintain proper control on unpaved and slippery surfaces. In particular, the industrial and agricultural sectors which utilize tractors and heavy duty machinery can benefit from the weighting characteristics that BioRain provides.

Paint Booths

Paint booths benefit greatly from the suppression of dust and paint particles achieved through the application of BioRain. Applying BioRain to a paint booth floor effectively attracts and traps the dirt and dust that regularly accumulate on these floors. A simple BioRain application to a body shop or paint booth floor effectively weighs down dust particles, keeping them trapped on the floor for later easy removal with a broom. As a result dust particles do not have a chance to become airborne and mar vehicle paint jobs. As well, paint booths don’t require water spraying between paint jobs, eliminating slippery floors and unwanted humidity inside the booth.