Horse Arena Dust Control

Dustkill offers an effective and long lasting solution to the problem of dust in horse arenas. Our dust control product, ArenaPro, powerfully controls dust dispersion due to the constant activity of horses on the arena floor. It also provides a 100% environmentally friendly option that protects the health of horses, riders and spectators.

Road Dust Control

Dustkill is your premier supplier of the most effective and environmental friendly road dust control products you can find anywhere. If you need easy and powerful dust suppression for any type of unpaved road condition, we provide the perfect solution to meet your requirements.

Industrial Lots

Dust abatement is necessary is a variety of industries that make use of high impact industrial lots. Whether the environment involves bulk material handling, coal power generation, demolition, grain terminals or other types of construction or industrial settings, keeping dust levels to a minimum is required for the safety of workers and proper functioning of equipment. Dustkill provides perfect solutions for your Heavy Impact Industrial Lot dust suppression requirements.

Ice Control

Liquid Calcium Chloride Brine is a highly effective and environmentally safe product we offer for applications involving snow/ice prevention and removal. It is a cost effective solution that prevents a bond from forming between ice and road pavement. Whether you need ice control for driveways, private grounds, public roadways or construction sites, Liquid Calcium Chloride Brine is a safe and fast-acting ice control option.

Other Applications

BioRain is both an economical and effective choice for use on any dust emitting surface. Since it is available in large quantities, it can be applied on large surface areas at the required concentration level. It is 100 % biologically based and chemical free. BioRain is a suitable application for virtually any environment where airborne dust is a problem.


Used for many purposes Glycerin is sweet and colorless fluid. There is no oder and it is a preservative that can be used in drinks and food. Vegetable Glycerin can be used for Food & Beverage formulations and Medical & Pharmaceutical, and is FDA Approved, meeting all USP Pharmacopeia standards.