ArenaPro is an organic dust suppressant derived from a unique blend of natural oils. It is completely biodegradable and environmentally safe. More importantly, you never need water again! ArenaPro can be your permanent solution for indoor horse arena dust control.

ArenaPro is applied to the arena surface and worked into the footing. It is a straight oil and does not mix with water at the time of application. The proprietary blend of oils and surfactants coat and condition the arena floor. Dust Particles are then too heavy to become airborne.

ArenaPro is a premium product for those who demand the best conditions for their indoor arena. ArenaPro is the only 100% all natural dust suppressant on the market today. There are no synthetic additives found in ArenaPro. It is now available in both regular and cherry scent.

Long Term Benefits

The ultimate benefit of using ArenaPro is permanently eliminating the need to use water to control dust. You will enjoy an instant improvement in the air quality in your arena. This will make for a healthier environment for everyone, while helping to curb dust related respiratory ailments suffered by many horses. Dust accumulation in general will be greatly reduced. ArenaPro is also salt free which helps hooves retain moisture. Finally, you have the confidence of knowing that you have applied an all natural, safe, product made from a renewable resource.

Coverage Rates

How Much ArenaPro Do I Need?

Our standard coverage rate is based on 2 specific footing materials; coarse fill sand, and shredded wood products mixed with a coarse sand. We do not recommend ArenaPro for footings containing concentrations of ag-lime, soil, or rubber.

The biggest factor that effects coverage rate is how fine your surface is. It is critical to note that sand footings range anywhere from coarse, to fine, to almost a powder. The finer and deeper the sand, the more product will be needed to cover the particles. Because sand footings are the most common footing, they also present the widest range of variation. ArenaPro attaches to particles in the footing. Finer sands simply contain more particles that need to be covered. In some cases it may be more economical to order a few loads of coarse fill sand, than to treat ultra fine sands for dust control. In most areas you can have a dump truck of coarse sand shot into your arena for about $350.00.

The formula for determining how much ArenaPro you need is:

Arena Square Footage x Depth in Inches / 2000 = *Drums Needed (then round up)

Example: 5000 square foot arena with a 4″ coarse sand footing would need 10 drums.

(5000 x 4 =20000/2000 = 10) ————- (Drums x 55 = Gallons Needed)

This formula is intended to give the amount of product needed to load the footing and provide dust control for 1 to 2 years. Small maintenance applications will keep your footing dust free indefinitely.