Dustkill is on the USDA list of recommended bio based dust suppressants. It is a 100% agriculturally derived oil. Dustkill provides dust control for areas where a paved surface is desired, but not within the budget. It is a straight oil that does not mix with water at time of application. Dustkill is designed to be a single application product that can set a road surface up like pavement. For most smaller applications, you can apply Dustkill with our 14 lb electric pump and a garden hose.


When possible, the roadways should be graded to consist of an equal blend of stone and dust. This will allow the product to penetrate and work with the dust to bond the stone. Dustkill can be driven on immediately, and tracking is minimal as product bonds with the dust, instead of laying over it. Dustkill remains wet only during application and will not run off due to rain. It will continue to cure as it controls the dust.

Coverage / Longevity / Packaging

One gallon of Dustkill covers about 50 square feet of prepared surface. For average conditions, a single application will last an entire season. Truck lots may require spot applications in heavy tire turning areas. Dustkill is the most powerful liquid dust suppressant available.

Dustkill is available year round, but demand is greatest during summer months.

Dustkill is also available in 275 gallon totes, 55 gallon drums, and 5 gallon containers.